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Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  We are making unique home furnishings crafted from the reclaimed Hollywood Bowl bench seats. This old-growth Alaskan yellow cedar exudes beauty and is a joy to work with.  Having baked in the Southern California sunshine for more than forty years, the patina on this wood is a warm grey with hints of brown.  We love that this lumber originated in Alaska, was crafted into seating at one of LA's favorite venues and is now beginning a new life as furniture in the homes of Angelenos.  The steel legs on some of our pieces are also hand-forged in Los Angeles. 

Check out the site to see what we are making with these little pieces of history.

If you have any questions or would like to order an item, call Julie at 310-738-5549 or email her at HBartisan@yahoo.com.

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local | responsible | sustainable | female owned | reclaimed |

environmentally friendly | hand-crafted | minimal impact

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all of our pieces are sold as-is.  reclaimed wood is aged and has imperfections.  our wood is treated with boracare, which is a low-toxicity critter-getter.  all wood products can have splinters or insects or other imperfections.  we sell high-quality, treated, reclaimed wood products.  our aim is to give you an awesome product, but this is us letting you know that wood is wood.