Large Mirrors

 Each mirror is unique.  Many are made from recycled vintage mirrors. These are quite the conversation pieces! Email for sizes and current selection.  Custom orders available.

$300 and up

´╗┐Small Mirrors

These fun little mirrors make a big impact. Each one looks a bit different from the next. Made from Alaskan yellow cedar from the Hollywood Bowl (like everything else!).

18.5 inches x 18.5 inches

square, no numbers


18.5 inches x 22 inches

one seat number




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´╗┐Wall Tiles and Wall Planks

Wall tiles and planks are beautiful little pieces of wood that are cut, sanded, stained and lightly poly-ed to perfection.  They make unusual back splashes, accent walls, head boards... let your imagination run wild.  These tiles and planks come ready to hang.  They are easily installed with finish nails. Tiles may be hung with mastic.

starting at $19 per square foot

To order, call 310-738-5549 or email at HBartisan@yahoo.comcom 

9 inches x 3.25 inches

3.25 inches x 4'

all of our pieces are sold as-is.  reclaimed wood is aged and has imperfections.  our wood is treated with boracare, which is a low-toxicity critter-getter.  all wood products can have splinters or insects or other imperfections.  we sell high-quality, treated reclaimed wood products.  our aim is to give you an awesome product, but this is us letting you know that wood is wood.